A New Investment in Sans Souci

A New Investment in Sans Soucí

The company Sansoucí Ports, will issue important investments on the facilities and infrastructure that comprise the Sans Soucí terminal, with views to modernize, adequate and systemize their physical and technological platform of the vessel operation, and at the same time ratify their commitment to continue evolving according to the new emerging trends taking effect worldwide, thus satisfying the requirements and expectations of their clientele and users.

Victor Macarrulla, member of the Grupo Sansoucí executive committee, emphasized that the storage capacity for the vehicle flux within the company has been incremented from 20,000 square meters (m2) to 46,000 m2; also there was the update to “online transfer and information consult procedures” which were also incorporated to the new system “HandHelp”, asides the integration of 38 cameras and several POEs, to optimize the service security.

About Sansouci:

Sansouci is a company in the Real State & Tourism portfolio of assets managed by VICINI.

The VICINI family has invested in different economic sectors in the Dominican Republic for over 140 years. VICINI is one of the companies that has contributed significantly to the development and industrialization of the country.

Source: Listin Diario