The Couturier’s Estate is launched in the Olde City

The Couturier’s Estate is launched in the Olde City

Casas del XVI, a cluster of exclusive properties turned into the first multi-location luxury hotel, inaugurated Casa del Diseñador (The Couturier’s Estate). This addition to the collection has been destined for use as the Presidential Suite, featuring two-bedroom accommodations, spacious social areas and a courtyard with a pool.

Casas del XVI is distinguished for its combination of old world charm and modern amenities, a merger which highlights its magnificent colonial architecture, while it offers guests first-class accommodation with bespoke service.

All manors under this collection provide an oasis of luxury, featuring your own butler, chef and concierge.

Casa del Diseñador offers an alluring and cozy ambiance which takes us back in time to the XVI Century. Upon entering, guests are welcomed in an ample hall made of brick floors and solid white walls. The spacious rooms are decorated in joyful colors and soft fabrics, which merge in perfect elegance and harmony. The designs were made especially for this property alone.

One of its main features are its ample social areas, the perfect place to enjoy silence and the lush greenery of the courtyard. These surroundings offer a sense of privacy and tranquility, highlighted by the sound of church bells and the whisper of the pool water.

This corner manor was built within the grounds of the orchard of the Convent of the Order of the Dominicans, whose walls served as grounds to erect this structure which eventually became a private manor.

The first house, the Casa de los Mapas (*in English: The House of Charts) features ancient maps of the island of Hispaniola, and from the time of the arrival of Columbus and the Spaniards to the New World.

The second house, The Casas del Arbol (*Arbor Manor) is decorated under a pineapple theme, a symbol of hospitality. All details reflect Dominican culture, featuring works by local artists, carved furniture and tropical accents.

The third house, Casa Macorís (*Macorís Manor) offers an ambiance of contemporary influence, combined with timeless elegance, fit for our times.


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